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Whether you're looking to start a business or grow a business, find your business in good company in Greenville, NC!

Greenville is the regional capital for culture, education, business, healthcare, sports, and youthful energy. We pioneer healthcare and cardiac treatment. We manufacture boats and hammocks and pharmaceuticals and new technologies that find homes around the globe. We also educate teachers across the state and nurses up and down the mid-Atlantic region at Pitt Community College and East Carolina University.

Greenville has a long history of supporting businesses. If you’re considering a relocation or expansion in Greenville, consider these advantages:

Low land and building costs

  • Construction costs in NC are consistently below national average
  • Abundance of locally available construction materials
  • All area companies are open-shop contractors
  • Site preparation costs are usually minimal
  • Mild climate allows year-round construction
  • Wide variety of construction services and plant maintenance available locally

Expedited planning, zoning, permitting, and environmental review

Competitive tax structure

  • No local income or inventory taxes
  • North Carolina has a low per capita tax burden
  • Maximum state corporate tax rate is 6.9%

State/locally-supported workforce training

A right-to-work environment with low unionization

Strong financial services presence

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